In order to keep our competitive advantage and ensure superior quality, durability at competitive prices, Africa Building Partners installs Industrial Factories to produce certain construction materials that we believe offer a superior quality and durability.



CWS are Concrete Structural Insulated Panels produced at our own factories. The pre-engineered panels allow for stronger and faster construction structures. The pre-engineered panels are taken to site, where the concrete is applied. The structures have been certified globally and proven to sustain Earth quakes, Hurricanes, Fires, and certain bullets and explosions.

CWS panels can be used for Houses, Apartments, Hospitals, Schools, Offices, Pools, Warehouses, among other structures. The system has been used successfully all over the world and been certified in over 40 countries, including Italy, Spain, UK, USA, Australia, South Africa, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Kenya, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, India, Philippines.


Ultraspan Light Gauge Steel Trusses

ULTRASPAN Light Gauge Steel Trusses is a product developed by MiTek Industries, a Berkshire Hathaway company. ULTRASPAN proprietary technology allows su to produce more durable structures with less weight, making it more competitive than other LGS Truss systems as well as wooden structures. ULTRASPAN trusses can be used for residential, commercial and industrial buildings with spans of up to 25 meters.


Ultralam UPVC Roofing Sheets

ULTRALAM are uPVC roofing sheets providing greater durability and insulation than steel sheets. Ultralam sheets offer superior noise and heat insulations, no rusting, cheaper at more competitive prices. Ultralam sheets offer guarantees up to 30 years. Ultralam is specifically advantageos for residential, industrial and farming roofs.



In order to maximize competitiveness, ABP has established its own line of window manufacturing to ensure quality and price of our projects. We produce aluminum windows and screens from economical to special design purpose windows.