About Us

The Company

We are a company aiming to lead building construction in the African Region. We hope to be an important part of the infrastructure development of Africa by building Schools, Hospitals and Homes that are faster, better quality and better value for money than traditional developments. To achieve this, we focus on building engineering, technology and our own production of key building materials. Our competitive advantages are:

  • – We produce our some of our own building materials, such as structural concrete SIPs, Windows, LGS trusses and roofing, allowing us to keep control of quality, delivery times and costs.
  • – We have great engineering to always develop the appropriate cost effective solutions that better serve our clients.
  • – Our diversity is our strength. We are proud of our diversity, having employees from different continents, environments, backgrounds. Our team speaks a combined 9 languages, and have worked in 5 different continents.
  • – Constant innovation. We are constantly looking for new solutions to the same problems, trying different products, structures and materials in search of better, more durable and more efficient buildings.

What We do

At ABP we realized that we had to adapt to different type of clients. There are clients that wants us to design and build on a turn key basis, some want us to build part of their Project, some want us to consult and manage their existing structures, and some just want to buy our superior products. Our open mind allows us to adapt to each en every client, allowing them to benefit from all of their resources while capitalizing on our value added where needed.

DEVELOPMENT: We design and develop projects for third party clients, as well as for our own portfolio.